Finding Meaningful Moments

How do I find the energy to take action and reach my goals? How can I make my life worth living? How do I actually make changes happen when I feel so depleted of motivation?

These are some of the questions that often come up in therapy. There is really no one right answer for anyone. But the one thing I find myself repeating a lot in order to offer some sort of guidance to clients is “find out what you enjoy in life and do it.” In this quest, you will find yourself fully present, more self-aware, and able to draw in lovely, poignant meaningful moments. By this I mean those moments that make you feel like life is moving just as it should. Those moments that get you connected to something bigger than yourself. These are the moments that only you can find ground in and truly appreciate.

As an art therapist, often times clients assume that I put an emphasis on the visual arts, such as poetry, painting and sculpture. The truth is that within my training as an art therapist, the most important influence given to me was the awareness that inside every individual is an innate yearning for meaning in life. A common theme amongst us all is a desire and a need to find beauty and passion which is unique to only us. Whether it is seeing a bird building its nest, dancing to a favorite song, watching the sun set, having someone’s writings speak to you in a novel or cooking a special meal, there can be something meaningful in the metaphor of our lives.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a phenomenal author and creativity cheerleader. She recently spoke about “finding that sparkle” of interest in your life. It may not be a passionate earthquake that comes to you. It may be just a sparkle; she calls it “the reverse cat scan.” This is what I have witnessed as the true essence of meaningful living. Meaningful in the sense that one can have access to fruitful, enriching life experiences. Mindful of the present moment and in awe of the magical uniqueness of that moment. I suppose that what I am saying is gratitude is almost everything. And I suppose that my belief system is…when one lives their life from this place, life presents more of everything; more of joy, more of peace, more of a sense of fulfillment, more opportunities and in turn, more success. Because it is not about how much money I make or how many degrees I have. It is essentially about how much I can live fully in this moment, cultivating a connection my authentic self. As Liz Gilbert puts it, “following my vocation” in a “creativity driven life.”

Finding meaningful moments means finding yourself, your center, your inner guttural wisdom.

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