Rachel Morici-Leirer, MA, LPC

Find Resiliency & Inner Wisdom

Holistic Therapy for the Highly Sensitive Soul by Accessing Self-Compassion, Intuition & Balanced Emotions

“If you don’t know how to say no when you need to, your body will say it for you in the form of illness.” – Gabor Maté  

Telehealth Services offer:

*Anxiety Management

*EMDR therapy

*Clinical Art Therapy

*Stress Management

*Mindfulness Training

*Holistic Health/Wellness

*Support for the Highly Sensitive Individual

*Special support for the parent of highly sensitive children


Recognizing your Sensitivities as GIFTS

Many of us are innately attuned to our world. Today, this presents many challenges as we navigate a pandemic and perhaps an overwhelm of negativity and imbalance. Your unique gifts become your bridge to empowerment and inner strength.

Healing the Whole Person

Your path to healing comes from attending to and embracing many different parts of the self; not just psychological wellness, but physical health within all the systems of the body, finding meaning and purpose in life and achieving a balanced perspective on managing intense emotions and how we participate in our world.

Mindfulness as Medicine

Gain centeredness and peace that is achievable in our busy lives through mindful awareness. Learn basic tools that are life changing and produce a long term positive impact.

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