Thoughts on developing one’s own natural intuition and wisdom…

Many of us are gifted with an emotional intelligence, a sensitivity that makes us attuned to life, the world, people and emotions.
Though this is a gift in many ways, it requires a special way of coping/protecting oneself.

The approach is multifaceted.  Basically,  its about wellness in the holistic sense,  incorporating physical health, nutrition, emotional health, spiritual health, relationship health, all working towards a goal of balance.

Over the years in my counseling practice, I have come to realize a very important enlightening mistake that we all make; it involves an attitude or misconception that happiness lies in all the good stuff; the positives, the successes in life. While positive psychology has an empowering part in wellness, we must’nt miss the peace that comes from embracing where we are in any given moment. That might not be positive and happy. However, its authentic,  self aware, forgiving and empowering in its vulnerability. 

I remember learning about the 8 worldly dharmas in my mindfulness practice. These absolute truths, named as pleasure/pain, gain/loss, victory/defeat and blame/shame come from the Buddhist philosophy that true inner peace and contentment lie in the awareness that all these truths exist at all times. We lose balance and our centeredness when we get focused or too absorbed in any of these truths.

The key is not just about achieving happiness; the key is in finding self compassion and the radical acceptance of where we are,  right now, in all of our emotions and changes and sometimes chaos.

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Intention: “Peace . It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”
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